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  1. For almost thirty years, I have written to soldiers who do not get any mail from anyone. I write about a hundred letters every week – sometimes more, sometimes less…Oftentimes, a soldier will write to me, asking me to also write to so-and-so, because HE doesn’t get any mail either. I’ve had friends from all over the world help me by giving me supporting and loving words, sending stamps, and even wanting to write some letters as well. I just want to wish ALL of my “adopted” sons and daughters who are away from home this holiday season a wonderful holiday, and that I say a prayer for each one of them, every day!

    I am on a fixed income, and do not drive, so sending packages is quite difficult, but I make “sleep masks” (think “Zorro”, without eye-holes) – since they are easy to make and send in a regular envelope, and are handy for the ones who are working nights and trying to sleep during the days.

    I am very passionate about sending encouraging and loving thoughts to our soldiers, and want to thank you for the work you do!

  2. Thank you, Mary, for your dedication to supporting our Troops! It’s people like you who make this World a better place. Keep up the great work and if you’re ever in the Siouxland Region please stop by! Thank you!

  3. First let me give my personal thanks to you as an organization helping our troops, and our veterans. They truly deserve
    it. A little can go a long way to making the lives of the service men and women, and veterans so much easier to bear, when
    times are tough. Even knowing that someone does care when a depressing mood suddenly comes over them can help. Once again,
    thank you.

    Today, Thursday, Feb 7th, 2013, was the first time I have come to your food give away for Vets, and as a vet, I appreciate
    this service that you provide. I will, in the future, come in to volunteer for this and other events you hold. – Tom B.

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