Customize a care-package for your deployed Service Member! Bring cards, photos, small gifts and their favorite treats. We provide the rest, including: snacks and hygiene items; all of the shipping materials and forms; we even take the boxes to the post office and pay the shipping costs! It’s the perfect opportunity to meet other families who are going through a deployment as well.

A care-package from home can boost a Soldier’s spirits in ways that we can never imagine. As they serve thousands of miles away from family and friends, we want them to know that we are thinking of them everyday. Deployments can have a huge impact on an entire community. That is why we have brought communities together to pack and ship over 5,500 care-packages to date.

Would your company like to host/sponsor a care-pack event? We make it easy!

We will:

  • Help you plan your event
  • Promote your business on our website and Facebook page
  • Post photos of your staff packing the care-packages on our social media pages
  • Provide tips for a successful event

Collecting snacks is a great employee project over the Holidays!  For more information please email us at

Want to help cover the cost of postage?  Help support the Troops by making a tax deductible donation (paypal, credit card or debit card)

Submit your Service Member to our care package list in the form below.

APO AE 01234

Packages could take up to a month to arrive, so if your Soldier’s address will soon change, please wait until you have their most current address.

We send care-packages to any deployed member of the Armed Forces including Navy, Marines, Air Force, Special Forces and Military who are from the Tri-State Region (Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota).

Help us collect items for the care-packages. See the list of requested items for our deployed Troops. A little bit goes a long way! If your church, school, business or organization would like to host your own care-pack event, we will help you organize it. Please send us a message in the form below. We look forward to working with you!

Baby Wipes
Hand Warmers
Tooth Brushes
Beef Jerky
Power Bar
Tuna Pouches
Protein Bars
Travel Size Games (chess, checkers)
Deck of Cards
Memory Cards (i.e. PSP’s)
Bug wipes
Pictures From Home
Thumb Tack (to hang the pictures)
Hard Candy
Blue and Black Pens
Fly Paper (some areas where the soldiers live have lots of flies)
Sun Glasses
Powdered Drink mixes, especially Gatorade
Thumb drives
Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Soduku
Small water guns




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  1. My sons received packages over the past several years and I am happy you provide this service. Today, I am signing up a co-workers who is leaving for a year ….

  2. Thank you, Betty! So good to hear that your son is enjoying our care-packages! We are so grateful for his service and protecting our freedoms! Also wanted to let you know that we did receive Cathryn’s address from you this morning, Thank you!

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