Holidays for our Heroes!

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday……………..Give-Back Tuesday!

KCAUTV Coverage: On Tuesday, November 27th, 3:00 – 7:00 PM the Southern Hills Mall and Support Siouxland Soldiers are celebrating “Give-Back Tuesday”! Kick-off the Holiday season by thanking those who are away from family and friends serving to protect our Great Nation.  Join in the fun at the Southern Hills Mall Santa’s House and decorate a card or write a note of appreciation to our Troops who are serving overseas this Holiday Season! Support Siouxland Soldiers will place each card into a care-package filled with holiday goodies and ship them to our deployed Siouxland Troops for the holidays!

By Staci DaSilva

With the holiday season upon us, many folks are looking forward to spending time with family. But for those serving overseas in the military, that’s a luxury they don’t get.

So Siouxlanders spent time today reaching out to our heroes.

Local non-profit Support Siouxland Soldiers hosted a “Cards For Our Troops” event Tuesday afternoon at the Southern Hills Mall.

Children and adults alike wrote cards and special messages for Siouxland soldiers overseas

And one veteran says it’s packages like these that make the holidays so much better for deployed soldiers.

Bob Prato of Sioux City said, “It’s a blessing. It’s a God send. It’s something that sometimes families can’t afford to send packages but when you get all these little goodies with the cards, it makes you feel like you’re partially the way home.”

Support Siouxland Soldiers has sent over 4,000 care packages since it was created back in 2007.

They’ll be sending the cards with care packages on Thursday.

If you’d like to donate to Support Siouxland Soldiers or learn more about how you can connect with a soldier in your life, just head to its website,

Holidays for our Heroes!

This holiday season Support Siouxland Soldiers will be distributing Toys and Food to over 500 Veterans and Military family members on  Friday December 21st from 4:30 – 7:00 pm Thank you to all of the Siouxland companies who have donated funds, giftcards, collected toys and hosted food drives for our Siouxland Heroes! If you are a Veteran or Military family who would like to participate in our Holidays for our Heroes event please fill out the form below. Siouxland is grateful for your service and sacrifices and we want to make sure you have a wonderful Holiday season!

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