LeMars Community High School teams up with Support Siouxland Soldiers!

Support Siouxland Soldiers wants to give a huge “shout out” to the students and staff of the LeMars Community High School! They spent weeks collecting snacks and supplies and teamed up with Support Siouxland Soldiers to send care-packages to the deployed Siouxland Troops.  This is the 2nd year the school has participated in collecting items to send to the Siouxland Soldiers. Last year they contributed the largest private donation of supplies and snacks that Support Siouxland Soldiers had ever received and this year they doubled their donation!

The students and teachers worked very hard on this service project. They placed donation boxes around the school and at their volleyball and football games; brought in monetary donations; as well as collected donations from the local business of LeMars. Carolyn Ahlers, Student Council President, says  “It’s an honor to collect and pack supplies for Siouxland Soldiers.”

Once the collection was complete the students packed care-packages for the deployed Siouxland Troops and donated the remaining items to Support Siouxland Soldiers’ new program, “Food for Veterans and Military Families”.  Staff members, Mark and Judy Zeka transported the goods to the new Support Siouxland Soldiers’ Food Pantry in downtown Sioux City. The food was then distributed the next day at the “Help on the Home-front” event that provided food to Siouxland Veterans and Military families in need.

Support Siouxland Soldiers and the Military Community are very thankful for all of the hard work that the LeMars Community High School put into this service project! What a great way to serve those who have and still are serving! Hats off to a job well done!! See the photo album of their service project below!  If you are a school, church or organization that would like to host a care-pack or food drive, please call us at (712) 541-8020.

Here is a list of what the LeMars Community High School collected! Amazing job!!

11 big bags of trail mix, 24 little bags of trail mix, 20 jars of peanut butter, One large jar of peanuts, 7 jars seasonings, 56 fruit cups, 64 packages of jif to go peanut butter, 72 jerky sticks, 36 bags jerky, 12 envelopes of hot cocoa, 72 packages of cookies, 16 rice krispie bars, 34 boxes of powdered drink mixes, 57 beefaroni cups, 122 cups of mac and cheese, 254 packages of tuna, 60  family sized/double sized packages of tuna, 12 packages of salmon, 230 slim jims, 9 large beef sticks, 10 packages of mashed potatoes, 15 packages of pasta, 15 jars pasta sauce, 25 boxes hamburger helper, 96  packages of pudding (384 cups), 105 bottles of hand sanitizer, 62 boxes of bars – assorted, 31 cups of soup, 16 cans of beans, 88 assorted cans of vegetables, 22 assorted cans of fruit, 16 cans diced tomatoes, 24 cans chili, 46 cans soup, 15 cans chicken, 50 assorted boxes of cereal, 3 boxes of rice, 10 containers of oat meal, 108 packages of peanuts, 577 individual packages of crackers – assorted, 2 tubs of hard candy, 6 large packs of gum, 14 bags of microwave popcorn, 4 large boxes of Ziploc bags – quarts, 20 packages assorted instant oatmeal, 250 bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, 52 bottles of powder, 72 sticks of deodorant, 26 soft packages of antibacterial wipes, 6 packages of hand warmers, 98 AA batteries, 2 decks of cards and many miscellaneous personal care items (mouthwash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, bottles of lotion, eye drops, etc.) – a full paper box of assorted items!!