Support Siouxland Soldiers Earns Project Homefront Award – News, Weather and Sports for Sioux City, IA:

They’ve boxed and shipped hundreds of care packages, but Support Siouxland Soldiers is about more than just a present in the mail.  It’s a group that has turned to each other for help when their spouse, parent or friend has gone overseas.

“They’re opening their packages and sharing items. If someone needs a toothbrush, they’re like throwing it across the room, saying ‘here take a toothbrush,'”

Sandy Fleck joined the group because she wanted to find a way to help her son Tanner, but it’s now the fun she has during the get togethers that keeps her going.

“Oh, everybody is in a great mood. We’re hustling and bustling. You can put in all their favorite things. If you want to put in a box of beef jerky, because that’s their favorite, then perfect.”

Many of the soldiers, including Shawn and Tanner, are back from the middle east.  As a result, Support Siouxland Soldiers is refocusing its purpose.  The group will still make care packages every other month, but their goal is to offer fun activities for military families.

For more on that, log onto their web site at supportsiouxland

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